Now more than ever, it’s vital to have the right tools and services in place to transform your business and prepare for the digital future.

If you’re a Profound Logic customer or are interested in becoming a customer, these videos are extremely helpful for staying up to date. We covered:

  • What’s Next for Profound Logic: Node.js, Low Code, API, and more
  • What is Improved: RPG and Green Screen Modernization tools
  • Low Code and API Deep Dive
  • Profound Logic Services: Assure Project success with our experts by your side
  • Live Roundtable Q&A with the Profound Logic Team (Register for this session here)


Benefits of Watching:

Expert Instruction - Power up your knowledge of Profound Logic products with in-depth guidance from our experts, including Scott Klement and Alex Roytman.

It's Free! - Assure the success of your modernization projects and investment in Profound Logic products, for less than the cost of on-site training at your company.

Q&A with Profound Experts - Hear real customer questions asked of our team, and learn directly from the minds behind the Profound Logic products and services.