Profoundjs-349x80-2.pngExtend the Power of Agile Modernization and Node.js to IBM i

Profound.js 2.0 is now available, and extends the power of Node.js to your business while reducing the risks and costs of system re-writes or migrations. With Profound's Agile Modernization approach and Node.js, which runs natively on IBM i, you can: More easily find developers for the platform;  Deliver modern applications in a fraction of the time of other approaches; And extend your applications to include Watson API and Internet of Things capabilities.

Profound.js was announced in 2016, and included the ability to convert RPG to Node.js using our conversion tool and services. Now, Profound.js also includes:

  • Free Node.js Framework and Visual Designer:
    The Node.js Framework for Profound.js 2.0 is available as a free NPM package that gives JavaScript RPG-like capabilities, such as IBM i data types and the ability to code business applications in a transactional top-down manner. Also included is a Visual Designer tool for building browser and mobile interfaces using Node.js.
  • Commercial Connector Module:
    Converting RPG programs to Node.js opens them up to many new capabilities, including direct usage of any open source NPM component. Fortunately, Profound.js does this in a way that doesn't take away existing capabilities of RPG and IBM i. The Profound.js Connector Module enables existing RPG programs to directly call Node.js modules, and vice versa, and provides direct integration between Node.js user interfaces and RPG program displays.
  • Enhanced JumpStart module (available with Profound UI):
    JumpStart is a module available with Profound UI, and enables users to automatically generate clean, modern RPG code and PHP code. With the release of Profound.js 2.0, a version of JumpStart is now available that enables users to automatically generate Node.js code.

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