Profoundjs-349x80-2.pngExtend the Power of Agile Modernization and Node.js to IBM i

Profound.js 2.0 is now available, and extends the full power of Node.js to your IBM i applications!

Profound.js was originally announced in 2016, and included the ability to convert RPG to Node.js using our conversion tool and services. Now, Profound.js also includes:

Free Node.js Framework and Visual Designer:

  • The Node.js Framework for Profound.js 2.0 is available as a completely free NPM package that provides RPG-like capabilities for server-side JavaScript. This includes native IBM i data types and the ability to code business applications in a transactional top-down manner. 
  • Also included is a free Visual Designer tool for building browser and mobile interfaces using Node.js. Developing IBM i applications has never been easier!

Commercial Connector Module:

  • The Profound.js Connector Module enables existing RPG programs to directly call Node.js modules, and vice versa, as well as provides many additional connectivity API for DB2 and IBM i access.
  • A free trial of IBM i connector is available!
Enhanced JumpStart module (available with Profound UI):
  • JumpStart is a module that enables users to automatically generate clean, modern IBM i applications in a variety of languages.
  • With the release of Profound.js 2.0, a version of JumpStart is now available that enables users to automatically generate Node.js applications

Profound.js Converter:

  • Our Profound.js Converter automatically converts existing RPGLE code into clean Node.js code. 
  • Unlike most conversions that often produce more convoluted code, Profound.js simplifies programs, and generally creates less lines of code than the original RPG.

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