Originally aired on August 26, 2020 

mike p headshot (1) Killian (4)

Mike Pavlak

Solution Architect

Michael Killian

VP of Strategic Accounts

Monolithic code, retiring developers, managing decades of patches and quick fixes… These common roadblocks can pose significant risks to the future of your business. And trying to fix those problems can be equally risky.

For instance, converting the source code of your applications from IBM i RPG to .NET or Java can be expensive and have a significant impact on productivity. And replacing your applications with a packaged solution can erase decades of customizations by your developers.

After working with clients on transformation and modernization initiatives for several decades, IBM Champion Mike Pavlak and Michael Killian, VP of Strategic Accounts at Profound Logic, will share with you the ways in which risks associated with IBM i code transformation can be reduced, and sometimes even eliminated.

Join us for this hour-long webcast that will explore:

  • The danger legacy code poses to the business – especially in the age of COVID
  • Why re-writes can cause more trouble than you think
  • How an automated and flexible approach to code transformation mitigates these risks
  • Why Node.js is the ideal language for business success.
There’s no magic solution to reducing risk… but with careful planning and partnership, a flexible and automated approach, and the right programming language, it might feel that way!

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