Understanding Your Current State and Your Destination

Recorded, February 22nd at 10AM PST with Brian May
Brian May
Brian May
Director of Customer Solutions
When beginning an undertaking the size of a transformation initiative, it is critical to fully understand where you are starting and your end goals.  Understanding your business requirements, codebase, dependencies, pain points, architecture, budget, and timeline is critical to the success of a transformation initiative.


Doing a proper analysis allows you to:

  • Align business and technical needs with a thorough IBM i system analysis
  • Understand business process or technology gaps
  • Compare architecture and code with gap analysis and vision for the “to be” state
  • Define an agile roadmap that delivers quick wins with lower risk
  • Support your business case and budget planning with input that includes a realistic roadmap, estimated timeline, estimated budget, and risk assessment

Recorded on Tuesday, February 22nd at 10am PST with our Director of Customer Solutions, Brian May. Check out part two on-demand here.