The Quickest Way To Get Started With Profound.js

Note: To install Profound.js onto your IBM i, follow the detailed instructions in our product docs. The instructions below show how to install Profound.js onto your computer.

How to Install Profound.js onto your PC


Step 1: Install Node.js

  • Go to and install Node.js onto your computer

Step 2: Install Profound.js from npm

  • Open Command Prompt or your preferred shell console.
    • Type and enter "cd desktop" to go to your Desktop folder.
    • Type and enter "mkdir profoundjs" to create a folder called "profoundjs".
    • Type and enter "cd profoundjs" to go to your new profoundjs folder.
    • Type and enter "npm install profoundjs" to install Profound.js.
      • When you're prompted to Specify Profound UI static files... type in the path to your IBM i if you're an existing Profound UI user. If you're not, leave it blank and press enter.
      • When you're prompted to Specify port number... type in your preferred port number or leave it blank to use the default (8081) and press enter.
      • When you're asked Should the installer create the directory... press enter and the download will begin!

Step 3: Start Profound.js

  • In the Command Prompt, type and enter "node start" to start the Profound.js server.
  • Open up your web browser and visit "localhost:8081/connect4".

connect4 sample app.png

If our Connect4 sample program shows up, Profound.js is officially up and running!

Step 4: Start Creating

Once a Profound.js instance is installed and running, you are ready to start creating your own GUIs and modules!

Try out the Visual Designer

  • Go to "localhost:8081/nodedesigner" to open up the Profound.js Visual Designer. Try designing your first Node.js IBM i app.

Node Designer.png

Create Profound.js Modules

Once you're all done here, check out our other instructional videos on Profound.js.