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For over 35 years, Dayton Freight Lines has shipped and tracked "LTL" (less than a load) shipments throughout the country. The majority of their business has run on the IBM i (AS/400) platform for several decades.

In an effort to continually improve their operations, they sought to streamline their processes by taking advantage of today's latest technologies. That led them to modernization with the help of Profound Logic.


Modernizing their IBM i allowed them to:

  • Consolidate multiple green screens into one modern graphical UI, cutting down user data entry time from 38 mins to 5 mins
  • Leverage Node.js to completely automate emails sent out for each shipment
  • Eliminate a label printing and scanning process, saving up to 32 minutes per shipment

Dayton Freight's modernization improved their business and made the lives of their users and customers easier. It also earned them the 2018 COMMON Innovation Award!

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