Six Sessions - Two Educational Tracks

Originally Aired June 8, 2016 | Duration: 3 Hours

Gain knowledge and skills to optimize, innovate, and transform your IBM i enterprise: from development to the line of business!

Speakers |  Why Attend  |  What to Expect 

With sessions presented by:

Tim_Rowe.jpg Brian_Headshot.jpg FAD_Signature_Picture.jpg
Tim Rowe
Business Architect Application
Development, IBM  
Brian May    
IBM i Developer &
Floyd Del Muro
Business Development
Manager, ARCAD Software





Charles Guarino
President, Central Park
Data Systems, Inc.

Alex Roytman
CEO, Profound Logic

Jeff Tickner
Technical Specialist,
ARCAD Software

Why should I attend the i On The Enterprise Virtual Event?

  • Take your Enterprise to the Next Level: Optimize your existing IT assets without breaking the bank or disrupting your business
  • Learn from the Experts: Discover tools and pro tips for a modern IBM i enterprise
  • Build your Smart Modernization Strategy: Learn how to modernize smarter by leveraging the hardware, software, and talent you already have  

What will I learn at the i On The Enterprise Virtual Event? 
Sessions will cover:

  • IBM i solutions for enterprise modernization
  • Application UI, RPG, and Database Modernization
  • DevOps
  • Strategies for hiring and retaining development talent
  • Modern RPG development
  • And more!